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Dec 08 2007

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Oh Caterday

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Saturdays and caterdays are normally pretty quiet around here.
This morning though J needed to borrow my car, so her daddy TheMasterOfTheUniverse can fix hers. This is a father’s job forever

No matter how often family or friends visit, they are always considered strangers by Sir Woody.
Sir Woody goes into psycho basket case land around strangers doesn’t care for anyone but TheMasterOfTheUniverse and me. He will conceal himself under the quilt on our bed and be hidden from view as long as anyone is visiting. (Don’t see me!) Sneaking and peeking around the doorways to ascertain that it’s safe to come out this morning.

Click here for full size photo.

SonnyBob on the other hand, greets people at the door, like a dog will.
Talking in his peculiar Bengal voice, like a chatty Cathy doll whose string was pulled one too many times. After being greeted correctly, that would be with your undivided attention and perhaps a kitty treat, relaxing is required…

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Tigger likes to pounce on toes, mostly mine. This has developed into a game over the years, called I get you! Tigger excels at this game, by the way. He firmly believes if he can’t see you, then you can’t see him!

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