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Dec 15 2007

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Christmas Lagging

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I am admittedly way behind in anything to do with Christmas,
shopping, baking, decorating, even sending Christmas Cards.

Not that I’m on Christmas strike mind you, I just haven’t found the energy to haul out all the Christmas Décor, or anything else.

It may or may not happen with festive wintry decorations.
It may or may not happen with piles of gifts neatly wrapped awaiting happy and expectant faces.
It may or not happen with dozens of Christmas cookies.
But it will happen in our hearts.

Christmas Eve will find us gathered at church to sing carols and with the haunting strains of “Silent Night” echoing in our ears we will quietly drive home, and sleep.

Knowing, that with or without our active participation the celebration
Of Jesus Christ’s birth will follow with the rising sun.

It does and has happened that this year we witnessed again firsthand how abundant and encompassing is the gift of God’s love, and grace, how complete God’s forgiveness.

The Christmas alliance is stationed on the mountain where the Yaks reside,
so for more great Christmas posts, visit TheRandomYak.

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