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May 02 2006

What Is Hell?

Published by pet under Faith, This~n~That

Hell, what is it?
This is not one of those funny sardonic questions.
It is a real question about, well hell. A friend called me the other day, upset because she was told by a Baptist preacher she was going to hell for not going to church.

I had to explain to her first that, that was a lie.
And then what is the only reason for hell, and the people that will go there.

Hell is the place all too often people are told they are going.
This announcement may or may not be made in anger or spite.
It may be used as a scare tactic.
It may be that the person simply doesn’t like you and wishes you ill.

Or, it may truly be that you have rejected the Good news, that Jesus Christ loved you so much that He died so that you can live.. Continue Reading »

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