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May 07 2006

Florida Amber Alert

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Update: 5-8-06
The child was found, with her mom, the mother has been arrested and the child is being checked at the hosp.

Child Information

Name: Brooke Lynn Ward
Gender: Female
Age: 4 mths
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Skin tone: White
Height: 1′9″
Weight: 17

Incident Information

Circumstance: The child was abducted by her mother. The child is believed to be in danger.
Last seen: 2006-05-05 at 00:00:00
Last seen address: Broadway Avenue and 48th Street

West Palm Beach, FL
Point(s) of Contact

Contact person: Pat Rutherford
Contact organization: Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Phone number: 888-356-4774

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May 07 2006

Thinking About Hurricanes

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After church today, we visited with a couple who had lost everything in
the hurricane called Jeanine, in 2004. They live 5 miles from us,they owned a nursery
surrounded by Hugh oaks,
massive granddaddy’s, that were felled by the winds
and destroyed all the greenhouses..and their home.

Hurricane season starts offically June 1.

They asked me about hurricane readiness..
like an idiot I said.. Like what?
I got asked some pretty specific questions..
Do I have a supply of mre’s( military, meals ready to eat) and water, sleeping bags, tent, emergency medicines, camp stove with propane to cook, flaslights, batteries, hygene items, battery operated radio or television?

(Copies of house deed,vehicle deeds, pictures of the inside and outside of the house?
lists of insurance co names and # for house and vehicles, bank account #’s with copies of latest statements.These items are kept in a safety vault, with all copies scanned onto disks, which are also in several locations.)

Do we have an evacuation plan? Do we have emergency kit for the vehicles, including a fire extinguisher?
Do we have a place for the animals, means of feeding,caring for them?

I really wasn’t in the mood to talk about hurricanes today, but..
I did come home and go thru everything..
We have hurricane boxes packed with supplies, including all of the above
in the event we have to load and go.

I have been telling The Master of The Universe my darling John
that he is paranoid and overprepared..
I stood in silence today nodding my head after each question..thinking it is a good thing to have a paranoid and overprepared hubby.

I hope … the house sells fast and I can worry about which part of the north to sail to, when hurricane season hits..
By The way, mre’s are available on ebay for a decent price, they taste pretty darn good when your hungry.

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