Way to go Jeb

Posted by pet | Martin Lee Anderson, This~n~That | Wednesday 31 May 2006 3:21 pm

Jeb Bush
I’m so danged proud of you
Just ..


I have some Questions you don’t want to answer
And I thank you for your polite refusal
(ask me Jeb refused to speak to me last week)

And so I just wonder
What the hell you’re trying to do here
Cause If you seriously
Believed this child was murdered.. And you are the governor
Why have there been no charges?
After a 5 month investigation?

Why are murderers sadist guards free?
Why was the sadist nurse not charged?
Heck for that matter
Why was the top official of the FDLE?
Transferred to cold cases?
Why was the sheriff in charge of the camp not fired?
Why is he still working for the state of Florida?
Hey Mr. Governor
Blow some smoke up someone else’s pant sleeves
Cause I as a republican and a resident of Florida am not buying into this
Have a nice day Mr. Governor
And I am not going away
well we have the same damn camps with a new name
Way to go Jeb
You wont make me vote for you ..
but Im just a pissant
But I have a voice
And you make me ashamed
You Should be ashamed

Hey God?

Posted by pet | This~n~That | Wednesday 31 May 2006 3:14 pm

God Bless Internet friends
God Bless Our Troops
God Give us Leaders we can Follow
and God Thank you
God heal our country’s heart
while your doing miracles ok
well what?

Kat would be 51

Posted by pet | This~n~That, poetry | Wednesday 31 May 2006 11:14 am

Sometimes tears fall.
Grief overwhelms my heart
And I sob
I wake up and race the critters out the door

I flee to the yard
Bury my face in a pony’s mane.
Evoking thoughts of home until
He steps on my foot.
Tries to chew on my braid….

BuddyTheDog asks what’s wrong as I sob
BlackJack dashes around chasing moonbeams.

Tigger sits in the window watching anxiously..

The MasterOfTheUniverse walks out with a cup of coffee
as I swing looking nowhere

Dawn hasn’t broken.
The moon is shining softly on paradise.
The home we are so blessed with,
The scent of the roses is almost overwhelming.
I know I have been blessed with this man.
My Partner, My soul mate

With silent tears he sits down next to me
He Asks with love what he can do..
Its 4 am
I have no Answer. Only tears

My heart is broken
Too many losses,

Heal it.
Give me peace about our daughter Marzie
Give me peace about Kat
And my momma,
And my daddy.
He takes my hand and prays with me
for me

Please God have mercy on us..
I look at the greatest man on earth, my husband,
The MasterOfTheUniverse
And hug him knowing that Gods Mercy is always before us
And smile thru tears

Just love me as I cry please

I miss our daughter
And momma
I miss my dad
I miss Kat

Grief has no time frame and sometimes it’s just damned inconvenient
And what are we doing in the yard at 4 am anyway!

Thank you God for this man,

Kat would be 51
I know she is celebrating in heaven!
I love you.
Happy Birthday
I miss you

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