May 31 2006

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Way to go Jeb

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Jeb Bush
I’m so danged proud of you
Just ..


I have some Questions you don’t want to answer
And I thank you for your polite refusal
(ask me Jeb refused to speak to me last week)

And so I just wonder
What the hell you’re trying to do here
Cause If you seriously
Believed this child was murdered.. And you are the governor
Why have there been no charges?
After a 5 month investigation?

Why are murderers sadist guards free?
Why was the sadist nurse not charged?
Heck for that matter
Why was the top official of the FDLE?
Transferred to cold cases?
Why was the sheriff in charge of the camp not fired?
Why is he still working for the state of Florida?
Hey Mr. Governor
Blow some smoke up someone else’s pant sleeves
Cause I as a republican and a resident of Florida am not buying into this
Have a nice day Mr. Governor
And I am not going away
well we have the same damn camps with a new name
Way to go Jeb
You wont make me vote for you ..
but Im just a pissant
But I have a voice
And you make me ashamed
You Should be ashamed

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