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May 15 2006

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Teacher gives Murderous Essay Assignment

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A high school teacher has apologized for asking students to write about who they would kill and how they would do it, and officials said he will likely keep his job.

I don’t really have to think about this very hard.
If a junior or senior high school teacher had asked one of my kids to write an essay about whom they would kill and how they would do it,
The teacher and I would have been having some serious dialog. I sort of doubt that involvement with the school board would have been necessary.

Our kids were raised handling guns, and knew from the time they were old enough to hold a 30ot6 on a platform, what kind of damage a bullet would do.It made a big impression on them that guns are not toys.

Most kids don’t get that kind of gun exposure.

So what.. Fire, poison, hangings..
For crying out loud!

As in which part of stupid is us are you, and what were you thinking!
Were you living in another universe for the last 15 years?

To say the teacher had a lapse in judgment… hmmm do ya think?

You know Murder is illegal in the USA…

How many of you can say Columbine?
How about Red Lake High School


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May 15 2006

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Guard The Boarders~ May 15-06

Reformation or Revolution?

by Heidi and Kit at Euphoric Reality

Tonight, the President will address the nation on his plans for illegal immigration. Unfortunately, he’s already given his word to Vicente Fox on Sunday that his plan to put a few National Guard troops on the border is just a temporary formality, of sorts, and not meant to intimidate anyone. Right. Heaven forbid we intimidate anyone to deter them from breaking our laws!

The question then arises, who does Bush feel more compelled to explain himself to - us Americans or the Mexicans? He owes the American people everything , and the Mexican government nothing! So why is he assuring Fox of anything concerning our internal national policies?!

I have no illusions about what we’ll hear from President Bush tonight. But before he tries to lull anyone into complacency tonight, let’s look at the reality of the Goode Amendment, which Bush will no doubt reference in his speech tonight. Troops on the border to bolster security? It’s not what it sounds like:

OK, here are the dirty little secrets.

“(d) Conditions of Use- (1) Whenever a member who is assigned under subsection (a) to assist the Bureau of Border Security or the United States Customs Service is performing duties at a border location pursuant to the assignment, a civilian law enforcement officer from the agency concerned shall accompany the member.”

So, each military member will simply now be a buddy for a Border Patrol guy.

Now look at this;

“(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to–

(A) authorize a member assigned under subsection (a) to conduct a search, seizure, or other similar law enforcement activity or to make an arrest;”

So, the military has nada authority.

BUT it gets better;

“(h) Termination of Authority- No assignment may be made or continued under subsection (a) after September 30, 2007.’”

This is a ONE YEAR DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush’s speech tonight seems to be a weak bid to stem the hemorrhage of voters from the Republican Party. As the party’s leader, Bush has a responsibility to lead and direct his party, and he may just be leading it to a crushing defeat in the upcoming elections. People who voted for Bush not once, but twice, are abandoning the Republican Party in droves. On a recent news radio poll, 80% of the callers who had voted for Bush twice, now heartily disapprove of him. Of that 80%, 90% of them said it was due to his mishandling of our border security. But Democrats shouldn’t celebrate any victories yet, because it’s not just Republicans - what it’s doing to the two-party system is even worse.
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