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May 09 2006

Email Stinker’s

Published by pet under Semi-Political

I have decided to share the worst email of the week.
Since Tuesdays are kind of quiet, its the perfect day..
So here we go !

My blog, my rules. You don’t like it quit sending me email..
Simple Yes?

This came from a reader who was offended about my post on Congressional Medal of Honor
“You are a psycho. I see you are a member of those 101st Fighting’ Keyboarders who think that every time a medal winner goes crap or blow’s their nose they deserve a medal and a parade. For God’s sake get over it you damn crybaby who cares.”

I am simply amazed that you would notice.

And yes since you asked I didn’t find Colbert funny either.

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May 09 2006

Web 2.0 Ha!

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I put someone on the spot today..
He kept talking about web2.0 like it was a freakin holy grail..
I was a bit pissy todaybit cranky today.
I refused unlike my normal sweet forgiving self to let this rather pompous
jackass person get away with it..

He could not define what web2.0 is…Yet he touts it like its his invention
So here ya go.Tim O Reillyis credited with defining what web 2.0 is and is not..

Web 2.0 is a catchphrase for the interactive organization of the Web and the Internet.
Web 1.0 is a structure of Web pages that only provides information to readers.

Web 2.0 takes that information and makes it accessible to the reader in the layout that is most useful to them. Ala D.O.M. and Ajax.

Can you say Whatever?

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May 09 2006


Published by pet under News..

Some friends of mine are missionaries to Mozambique living with the Lolo people.. I received this email from them this am…

Dear Pet,
Things are going well here and we have hit the long uphill grind in language learning, but that does not mean that life here is getting boring by any means. Last week there was a justice killing in our area although about 5 km away. We will tell the story from the perspective of the people, not that we claim to agree with or know the truth at all points.

- There was an older grandfather who was known to be a witch doctor. One of his family members died and as is custom, the day after the funeral the men of the family gathered to decide if they would find out who caused the death. In this case, the men decided to find out so they went to a local diviner who said the grandfather had killed the child with witchcraft. Another person in the same family died and again the men decided to find out
the cause but this time they consulted another diviner who pointed to the same man. Continue Reading »

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