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May 11 2006

Rain Finally!

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I went out to work in the gardens this morning. I bought 4 new hibiscus
to plant around the rock beds yesterday, but it was to dry to plant, I ran the irrigation all evening, I fuss about the well going dry.

The Master Of the Universe, says water it darling,
having much more confidence in the well
than I have!

Much to my surprise.
It started to drizzle..

Thank You Lord for the rain!
Parts of I-94 will be closed for days due to deadfall from the fires..

As I work in the office I have company always

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May 11 2006

Not Responsible

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A letter written by Governor Jeb Bush was the second request to Sheriff Frank McKeithen requesting that Bay county boot camp supervisor Capt. Mike Thompson be fired. He was not suspended; instead he was transferred to court duty.

Frank McKeithen says that there is no reason to fire Thompson.
Sheriff’s Lt. Charles Helms, says there is a “witch hunt” going on.

Let’s think about this…

A 14 yr old boy dies after being brutally beaten, but there is no responsibility
By the supervisor who knew or should have known that his sadists guards were using excessive force?
Golly, what a concept.

Carried a couple steps further the sadists guards have no responsibility for Martin Lee Anderson”s death because they were carrying out the torture training by methods they were taught.

And if you really want to continue down that ridiculous line of thought.. Well never mind because it’s too absurd.
Sheriffs, who ran the boot camps, also will operate the newly designed program that will be monitored by state officials.

Professor Kim’s News Notes also has been covering some of this case.

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