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May 19 2006

President Fox

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Mexico’s President Fox has unsurprisingly joined into a chorus of criticism over the proposals in the U.S. Congress to extend and fortify border fences. while he is building plans to sue the United States Of America for protecting our borders.

His most August Highness President Fox, are you ready to answer questions like. gee.. Let me think..
Why we should not guard our borders when we have upwards of 20 million illegal aliens (mostly from your very charming country) living in the very obviously evil USA.

And while your at it, you can explain to the USA why your people are so damned desperate to leave your oh so very charming country.
Fox has adamantly condemned the fence proposal calling it “shameful.”

What is shameful is the desperation of people to leave your country to enter ours..
Just yesterday athree yr old child died
hypothermia…His body abandoned by the mom who just wanted to join her husband who is in the USA illegally.

Meanwhile His most August Highness President Fox has come under fire in Mexico for having received only proposed fences and troops from the U.S. despite his five-year efforts to build a friendlier relationship.
Gee I’m pretty sure we need to apologize to you.
This will be directly after hell freezes over.

His most August Highness President Fox plans to cross the border next week on a visit to Washington, Utah and California to talk about immigration issues.

Why bother…Hey listen, just stay home.. Sip a few margaritas and work on the new maps of the best way to illegally enter the USA..

And really if you do visit don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out.

Shut the border down to illegal crossings, and then start hammering the greedy employers who hire them. Start deporting, make it your mantra deport deport deport deport deport deport
The Coalition against illegal immigration has tons of better posts than mine..
please consider joining the coalition!
**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more.
Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know
at what level you would like to participate.

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Woman Honor Thyself

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May 19 2006

Go Fish

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Blogger Fishing is a new and fun game.
Started by The Platypus Society, joining into the fun
Is The Random Yak, ( yeah I admit it I got caught..)

The Random Yak describes the game thusly: And I’m borrowing what he says
cause( take your pick)
A. I’m lazy
B. I’m to brilliant to waste words.
C. I’m distracted by all the work I’m not doing I’m doing.

“Here’s how the game works: cast a line baited with links, and see what hits. Just links. No trackbacks (at least that’s how I see it), link only to blogs you think your readers should visit and see who shows up. I’d think it’s fair to fish for something someone else is also seeking, but I’ve got a bunch of link-flies here - all of them relating to bloggers I read on a very regular basis. Let’s toss ‘em out and see what hits:”

The Random Yak
Basil’s blog
Platypus Society
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Stop The ACLU

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May 19 2006

Photo Friday~The Road

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Photo Friday challenge- The Road
Approach to the skyway St. Petersburg, Florida

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