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May 06 2006

sadism 101

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Martin Lee Anderson was murdered.
Dr. Vernard Adams said yesterday that the cause of death was suffocation. The release of the second autopsy finding proves that hours after being remanded to the tender mercies of the state of Florida, and the hands of trained sadistic guards, he was murdered.
Suffocation was caused by hands blocking the boy’s mouth, as well as the “forced inhalation of ammonia fumes” that caused his vocal cords to spasm, blocking his upper airway.

There are a number of troubling issues that are being, Well ignored. There have been no charges,to the brutal sadist guards or the sadist Florence nightingale who ignored what was clearly happening , standing by unconcerned while Martin Anderson was tortured.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, headed by former Bay County sheriff and boot camp founder Guy Tunnell, assured Floridians he would be fair and impartial, while investigating the teen’s death at a Panama City boot camp.
While his agency was investigating the boot camp, Tunnell kept a running commentary going
Via email to Sheriff Frank McKeithen, other boot camp sheriffs and his own staff in which he made many personal observations and disparaged critics of his investigation and the state’s boot camps.

Some of these emails are now missing.
Gee, I wonder how that happened.

The investigation has since been turned over to a special prosecutor, Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Charles Helms “knows what’s coming next” after an autopsy determined guards caused the 14-year-old’s death.He claims that the investigation is now going to be a “witch hunt”. Helms was second in command and was present when the teen was beaten.

”These are fine young men who cared about these kids, they are not thugs or racists,” said Bob Pell, an attorney for Bay County Sheriff’s Office Boot Camp guard Joseph Walsh.
Please if this is how they show their care, I don’t think that I can stomach watching a video that shows them uncaring.

Graham and the other attorneys said the guards were doing what they were trained to do when they applied knee strikes and hammer-like punches to 14-year-old Martin Anderson’s legs and arms during the 30-minute torture.

I am sure we will continue to hear that these are false accusations; after all if you brutally murder some kid while carrying out your bosses orders, you’re just doing your job.

Let’s see that must be sadism 101…or I know!
It’s your basic torture kids and have fun doing it class.

Let’s not forget the truly brilliant Dr. Charles F. Siebert Jr Bay County medical examiner that has a few things to explain, among them: two autopsies of Donna Reed and James Terry, a father and daughter who were killed by a tornado during Hurricane Ivan on Sept. 15, 2004.

Siebert’s autopsy described Reed, a 34-year-old woman, as having “unremarkable” testicles and said Terry had no scars, though the truck driver had a seven-inch scar along his spine.
Siebert’s autopsy report noted no major wounds on his body even though there were several, including some on his belly and back and a 12-inch wound along his shoulder blade that Mrs. Terry said required 80 stitches to close.

I’m sure he just didn’t notice, after all 80 stitches on a twelve inch wound probably are hard to see.
And really anyone could mistake a woman’s genitals for male genitals right?

I am sure that we will also learn why Martin’s body was transferred from Pensacola where he died in a hospital, back to Panama City for the autopsy. This clearly is a violation of state law.

Getting so a person can’t do torture work anymore with being falsely accused and harassed.

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