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May 22 2006


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What law and who the hell cares?

What happened?
When did these papers sell out America?
And really do we give a damn?

The New York Times, the Washington post gives away government secrets
and that’s supposed to be ok, because they Report the News:
(carefully I am ) not forgetting the First Amendment.
Really if Mexican citizens can disregard the law, why shouldn’t they
be able to?
After all the law is only enforced where we want right?

So what if a few more Americans die, they are only dying so you have
the freedom do what you damn well want to after all…What’s a little
blood between Americans?

These puissant reporters believe they are above the law.

Guess what? Our Attorney general.. Speculates they aren’t. I laughed
so hard, I cried. We have immigration laws on the books that we don’t
enforce because they are not convenient, and I’m supposed to care
about a few traitors?

“We have an obligation to enforce those laws. We have an obligation
to ensure that our national security is protected.”

Really and that will be when?
The Senate is poised to pass *S. 2611* this week, the giant amnesty
bill that would change the demographics of our country and start us on the
slide into rampant crime, drug culture, and third world poverty. *Every
thinking American is needed at this moment to phone, fax, or visit their United
States Senators and oppose this legislation.*

And you want to commit treason, well why not. I mean if laws can be
bent, for 12-20 million illegal immigrants why shouldn’t you profit
on the backs of more American blood?

After all no one likes the war. But really can you imagine in your
wildest dreams Walter Cronkite doing anything to hurt America?
Frickin hell no.. He was America emboldened.

The 1917 Espionage Act, which makes it a crime for an unauthorized
person to receive national defense information and to transmit it to

It used to be called treason.
The penalty was death.. yours not our brave American hero’s or a bonus from the newspaper.
Or the TV from benefitting from TV points.

Death for treason against the people of the United States Of America.

**This was a production of

The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email the coalition and
let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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May 22 2006

Liars and Thieves

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We spent this last weekend traveling to look at wrecked boats boats that were misrepresented. The MasterOfTheUniverse was discouraged after we had driven many hundreds of miles to look at a boat that was listed on yacht world.She looked like a beauty, and we were hopeful she would meet our needs.

Interestingly enough she didnt look at all like the photos, either posted by the ads or sent to us by the sellers. When the owner(s) were questioned they said the boat had fresh paint.
Yeah like in 1920…


Now I wasn’t born last night and I didn’t fall off the turnip truck.
What possible reason would be to their advantage to misrepresent the boats?

1 boat had, had a “small” fire and the engines hadn’t run in 3 years, small facts that were not mentioned before we drove to see them. Even thought we asked if she was sea ready!

The frosting to the weekend came when we got home, and saw a response to an inquiry about a boat listed on eBay for 45,000.00 dollars.

This same boat we had looked at and lusted after, knowing she was way outside of our price range, but curious why she’d show up on eBay.

She was listed at 485,000.00 dollars at yachtworld.
This is the email we read:

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