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Jul 26 2006


Published by pet under Life

basil is a catfish baseball fan

or well some thing like that
The Yak is doing superior writing and explanations.

Cousin red is standing by with more whoop a can
and life is good if ya EMAIL FOR basil
Brad hubson of they dint have friends was worried basil may not have friends also.. well besides being wrong..

The Catfish recently decided to hold a special “fan night” at the stadium, with “many great prizes and surprises” for and dedicated to a certain special fan - identity to be announced.
2 of the day.. sorry its hot and my brain went to meltdown zone…………..

Why It Should be basil’s Night..
Hey Brad Is ther Intelligent life with da Catfish?
Wake UP!
Brad :
Hello and in cause ya didnt notice,
basil is yer fan, as fannly as only a true fan can be..
He chronicles each game, having jubilation with your triumphs and suffers defeats personally.
Basil personifies the catfish as American, mom and apple pie.
Basil is a fan who attracts others who become fans.
Basil deserves be honored with a special night, he has make yawl famous, in the USA and across the world.
Pet And Tigger Campbell

Coming Soon:
Email 4 later after my brain recovers!
And remember the Yak is smarter than all of us.. plus being a superior writer..

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Jul 26 2006


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A gauntlet was heard by The Random Yak as it hit the deck..The yak Is also following this story..
In fact I stole borrowed from him..
Well since Im a spammer and all..
So basil….changed his mind and
Another mind was changed…Cause of Ol Red!
It happened like this…
Cousin red came calling down from the holler………
he wanted to know if basil.. (yes our basil) was a wuss..
and if that wasnt bad enough.. he had the biggest can of whoop ass ever seen…
whoop ass

It was brutal and ugly, and well basically Red kicked some Down home butt.
That was probably the biggest can of whoop ass ever carried across state lines..

A change of heart occurred from the Brad Hudson guy
Some dint have friends theme writer..
The first letter went yesterday..
and my plan to periodically bother Brad with emails was dropped after one measly email..cause basil didnt wanna bother the guy and risk getting banned from the ballgames..

The whoop ass worked.. Thanks Red!

The email campaign is back on course and I encourage all of you to
Drive this brad dint have friendsguy crazy, result being that basil always lower case b will get his wish.
Each email must have a compelling reason why the Catfish should name a night in Basils honor.
The first being of course, who else wants it bad enough to go to all this trouble?

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