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Jul 13 2006

Hawkins gets Company…

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Hawkins is having company tommorrow, not the studly do right kind of company he
would and does prefer.. I am not mentioning that tall mare he is in lust with
so fond of.

The vet is coming to remove certain parts of his physique.
This will we hope result in his ability to stay home,
not jump fences, not dig under fences

It will also we hope curb his tendancy to bite the buttocks
of whichever himan is currently caring for him.

Matthew says he can sit now, without a ice pack…
Geldings are nice ponies.

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Jul 13 2006

Summer Fun!

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Lyn Perry the mysterious but brilliant writer from Bloggin’ Outloud
has decided to host a “Best Of ” summer blogs..

I’m pretty sure if you blog in winter, fall or spring you can still enter..
Tigger has graciously agreed to handle the category “Best of the
Kitty Kat Blogs of Summer”.
err Cats..

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