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Jul 21 2006

Vote !!!!!!!

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Tigger would like to move onward from bribery making small donations
to hiring a certain shaggy quadrupedal bloggeras a full time public relations manager..

The Yak has as always our esteem..
And apparently some small amount of Tiggers allowance….

Tigger say’s vote and vote often!!!
Don’t forget our Shaggy friend From the Other side of The Mountain,The Random Yak has been nominated in

NOT ONE BUT TWO Categories..

Lyn Perry of the Bloggin’Outloud fame is doing an excellent job keeping the Yak from running amok and Tigger from figuring out how to buy votes for himself!
Don’t forget the Friday Ark!

Thanks to for allowing us to use this photo!

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Jul 21 2006

Photo Friday-Common

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