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Jul 31 2006

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Showcase Carnival

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I am pleased to present the Showcase Carnival Submission’s for July 30,2006..

Jon Anderson at An Ordinary Guy’s Path to Success… Again. presents I’m making lemonade.
Vincent Chan at Lite Reviews presents The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

moving on to good health…
Victor Fam at Towards Better Life presents Affirmation - Easy, Relax, Healthy, Positive
Victor has another Idea!

Victor Fam at Towards Better Life presents You Should Never Get A Job?

Brian brings us some insights into how..we can love what we do..

Brian Kim at Brian - Invest in Yourself and Make it Happen presents How to Find What You Love to Do

A very new blogger shares his first post!.. Go read it!

Mike presents An Introduction and a Prologue posted at
Then another new blogger..
Yes This is the Showcase of New Bloggers
Shares his philosophy..

Francois Tremblay presents Check Your Premises » Blog Archive » Who Cares About Theory? posted at Francois Tremblay.

A Sad post from our friend Alex at Have Passport, Will Travel presents Farewell my friend….

As always I’d like to thank ogre from ogres politics and views for letting me participate,
as well as Ferdy at the conservative cat.
The NZ Bear also tracks carnivals..
so a big thank you there!

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