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Jul 06 2006

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In Key West no one is odd….
The streets make no rhythm or reason..
Duval street is for drinkers..
The rest of the island is for people like TheMasterOfTheUniverse and I.
It was a fun trip..

This beautiful ship made the 110 mile trip to key west in 3 1/2 hours.

If you visit Key West I recommend a scooter..
There is no parking anywhere, except lots which runs 20.00 dollars a day..
That’s after you pay 125.00 a day for the cart.. that you can not park…

The delightful, private cottage/cabana .. what a treat!


Everything we needed was there.. just a wonderful getaway..
We were awakened multiple times with loud crowing from roosters..
The Islanders say.. wild chickens and cats are a problem..
They sure aren’t shy!

Just nice.. we never did turn the TV on..

On the private courtyard was a Tiki Hut with a hot tub.. that in the .. very late evening.. and early day.. was something I couldn’t resist..

This cat critter showed up and moved in with us.. TheMasterOfTheUniverse was convinced
that he was a owned cat,turned out.. he wasn’t.. I was soundly vetoed when I proposed adopting him..
I admit it.. I cried..

It stormed coming back.. I was happy to get a couple of sunset shots.

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