Posted by pet | Life, News.. | Wednesday 12 July 2006 6:35 am

One of my readers Sid Fredrickson sent this in,
Its a awesome way to give some support to our friends in India..
Thanks Sid…

The casualty list stands at 625, with 190 deaths reported

Sid had this to say..”Why we fight

It is a way for people to send comments of support to
the people of India in their time of need.Why is this important?

It is important because this is why all the people who
served and is serving in Iraq and Afghanstan believe
so strongly in what they are doing there

They fight against terror over there so we don’t have
happen here what happened in India today.

It’s why they Fight. It is why we should fight for
them and support them in every possible way.

Thank you.”
Thank you Sid for the links..