Posted by pet | This~n~That | Tuesday 11 July 2006 10:47 am

Tigger appears to be insane a bit insecure.

After the Vacation Tigger has decided that I am not to be out of claw reach.
He is I am sure making a feline point.

Bengal’s are possessive cats. They choose whom they will own, and it is done.
People do not get a vote.
God be gracious to you if a Bengal claims you.
They follow you everywhere. I mean everywhere

Tigger needs to touch,; he talks loudly, and deeply and often.
Bengal cats are much worse than a teen crush. They never get over it.

The Vacation changed Tigger and I feel bad for this.

Matthew and Carrie stayed in the house with the critters for 10 hours a day while we were gone. They were so good about it..
I can say spoiled critter brats

Tigger did not get into that at all.
He refused treats bitched loudly complained that nothing was right.

He had NEVER been left alone for more than a day.
I expected a few minor reactions.
I was completely unprepared for this.

Tigger moved to the foot of the bed, he had previously slept on my head.. Err pillow
Now he is mimicking MissSnot who sleeps at TheMasterOfTheUniverses feet.
I was concerned since he has slept on my head since he was a tiny baby
but passed it off to a Bengal with hurt feelings..
The new game is biting at 3am.

This causes me to have some kind of primitive leg jerk and kick wakeup reaction when you roll over and feel 23 inch needle sharp teeth sinking into your leg calve, accompanied by razor tipped claws.
I was attacked. There were lights flashing and a Bengal went flying..
A Bengal was roaring as he flew thru the air
I was awake
3 am.. Time to let the boys out..
Now the poor baby can sleep.. geez……..poor tigger