Seven Years

Posted by pet | poetry | Saturday 8 July 2006 5:19 pm

My daughter was killed by a drunk driver 7 years ago today.
It was a senseless and selfish act by someone who
Had previous drunk driving convictions.
His life went on, hers ended.

Marzie, this is for you……….

Your name
Is whispered from my lips, as I wake and remember
I breathe deeply to stay calm yet
My heart pounds so hard I can hear it.
Grief, sharp and new again bites my mind.
Missing you overwhelms my heart

I remember the feel of
your hair soft and clean tucked under my chin….
your arms tucked around my neck.
Singing the silly songs I made up while we rocked.

Growing up you became an artist
You were so awesome…
Away to the Island you went
just days after graduation..

You were so happy.I was so proud.

The police at the door, the flight to Michigan
Denial, denial….hard was
the realization you were really dead.

I am touched by sadness loss Emptiness Life without you
I pretend you’re here sometimes,
us having coffee, fixing the world.
All the talks we had I replay.
All your questions… Your paintings your poetry
I had a glimpse of your brilliance

Today the quiet is magnified, silence Thunders in my ears.
Who you were…my darling daughter your smile, your beauty
your joy of life and love of God .

Make me wish that you were still here.
Just for a moment more with you.
Just one more hug.

I thank God for our lifetime together.

Your soul is exalted in God’s presence
Your spirit waltzes in Gods arms
For that I am so thankful.