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Jul 16 2006

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Shame on Florida

This past January, boot-camp Sadist employees from the Bay County, Florida Sheriff’s Office beat and suffocated 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson before he collapsed and died. The nurse stood by watching, doing nothing..
The state of Florida attempted a cover up that did not work.
Jeb Bush apparently lied to the family promising swift justice attempting to appease a family that was grief stricken promised swift justice.

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen told The Associated Press that he rejected a $3 million settlement because, “The investigation is incomplete and still pending at this time.” They have filed a 40 million dollar suit.
In my opinion, it’s to damn bad it wasn’t 400 million.
Did they not see the videotape of the sadist guards beating Martin Anderson? Believe me that jurors in a civil trial will.

The investigation which was removed from the corrupt hands of Florida Department of Law Enforcement chief Guy Tunnell, and assigned to Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober, “is incomplete and still pending” seven months later.Makes me wonder..

No charges have been filed against the seven guards. There has been no resonable explanation for how the original coroner in the case, Charles Siebert, ruled from a suspended license that Martin Anderson died from an undiagnosed sickle cell trait.

Jeb Bush lied misspoke again when he promised reform. Change the name of the camps to “STAR” and then don’t fund them. Jeb Bush, you really have some answering to do..
Martin Lee Anderson’s family has gone to civil court. Perhaps the jurors will cry with and for them, I hope so…
This could have been your kid.

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Jul 16 2006

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Miss Snot

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For some reason known only to her, MissSnot has been
really playful..
Very wonderful!Miss Snot can play

hold still

I can get you

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Jul 16 2006

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Just.. Wonderful

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There are few animals as kind hearted as BuddyTheDog… he has the softest eyes!


Tigger wants to learn the fine art of Photoshop so he can
be more vain help me out occasionally….

Tigger is so quick

Be sure to check out all the critter blogging!
Friday Ark.. well they say give or take a few days..
And Mickeys Musings..

This weeks Carnival Of Cats is at forthejunta.

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