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Jul 23 2006

Hotter than Canbe

Published by pet under Critters, Florida, This~n~That

Its been a Georgia peach slushy day at our house..
blended peaches, with sprite and ice….
Yummy.. cools you and refreshes you..

Cause it is hotter than CANBE

TheMasterOFTheUniverse spent the morning rewiring our well switches
so that the water would actually flow…

That was a most excellent thing ..
Because after 2 hours in the sun wiring the well.. that had all kinda
names I didn’t know, He was ready for a shower..whiffy even..
Moving ON:

Voting Starts Tomorrow..
Right Here… The Random Yak is Celebrating this heat wave with an OTB Party
Remember to vote for the Yak!

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Jul 23 2006

Tigger Counter Attacks

Published by pet under Critters

Tigger was under attack by the evil twin of BlackJackTheBlackLab..
Strategically hiding in plain view on the couch..
He formulated a counterattack..
and missed by a country mile..

tigger gets you almost

Then Glared at me

I reminded the indignant critter that today was Carnival of the Cats day..hosted by Creatures of the Earth!

He BLEEPED and shrugged..
The went sucking up to TheMasterOfTheUniverse..

Tigger glares at Pet

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