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Nov 20 2006

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TheMasterOfTheUniverse gets itchy for football..
Rah-rah- Bleck.
Well there are a couple of teams I watch.
Can you say Tampa?
Yes they had a victory.
Finally and Gruden, Mr. Sunshine tried hard to make the best of it.

But last night it was hotwings, celery sticks, assorted dips and good old ruffles as the
Cowboys kicked the colts err butts.. Yes that’s in collective as in all. At the last moment.

I decided after the first 3 quarters that a good book was in my immediate future.
While keeping a calming hand on TheMasterOfTheUniverse……
There are some words that simply will not be shared. Some I heard 5-6 times, records could have been set, if anyone had been listening…..

Dallas 21 Indianapolis 14

Well. In our world this was Tigger and MissSnots reaction to all the excitement!
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