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Nov 09 2006

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So Thankful

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Over the next few days I am going to relate my recent experience, at least Im going to try!
Thank you to all who have written, and a special thanks to my furry friend the Random Yak..

There were signs that should have been noticed by me, as well as by my doctor, that were simply overlooked.

The first sign of trouble was the shortness of breath I had, explained away by my doctor as a result of bed rest.

The second sign was profuse sweating. I assumed stupidly that the goddess of menopause had revisited me for a reminder of the joys of hot flashes.. I did not report this to my doctor…

The night my heart stopped I had a headache; I told my beloved husband TheMasterOfTheUniverse, that I was going to lie down.
An hour later the phone rang, I didn’t answer it, so TMOTU brought the phone to me.

I was not breathing. My heart had stopped.

TMOTU called 911 and started CPR, the irony here is that 2 months ago for his job, he had his first and only CPR class.. He is 59 years old. God has such a wonderful sense of humor!

Waking up in ICU on a ventilator was a terrifying experience.
I had no idea about anything, I couldn’t speak and everything hurt.
I panicked and alarms went off, the room was full of people all talking at once, I was terrified. I “crashed” the second of numerous times.

When I woke again, the face I saw was my beloveds. His hands calmed me as he talked to me. He explained what had happened and why I was on a ventilator. Knowing me, he had paper and a pen on a clipboard, I was to weak to write anything except,
Let’s pray and I love you.

It sucks to cry while on a ventilator by the way.

The next time I woke, my son Jesse was standing and looking at me…
I knew I was in bad trouble if Jesse had come from Michigan.

More later…

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