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Nov 26 2006

Being Trained By A Cat

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Being owned by cats has its ups and downs.

MissSnot has trained us as she has gotten older and more eccentric to understand
Or at least accept her evening rituals of need.
MissSnot prefers not to be handled
Except for bed time! Then it’s Katy-bar-the-door!

MissSnot will not walk on sheets, the comforter must be pulled up and there has to be
At least a foot of space between TheMasterOfTheUniverse and myself so she can kneed his arm or thigh while I rub and scratch all the right spots.

MissSnot will on rare occasion allow TheMasterOfTheUniverse to pet her, very infrequently.
MissSnot when very happy gets a drop of clear fluid on her nose. As she gets happier she becomes a contortionist, with a wet nose…

Pretty Miss Snot!

She does however have a bad, make that a terrible habit. Well besides being a stuck up snot……
She hates litter boxes in the mornings. She will pee in the same spot in the living room if she is not allowed out immediately in the morning. She will use the litter box during the day, if she must. But mornings are pretty much outside or living room.

My friend Billy from has a list of excellent products to remove, not mask the smell. This site has a plethora of cat knowledge and training tips, including toilet training for your cat..

Go check it out!

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