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Nov 06 2006

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New Blog Showcase,Late

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I admit it Im late again with the new blog showcase!
This time I actually have an acceptable reason for being late!
The new blog showcase features new blogs that are three months old or less, it’s a perfect
way for some exposure!

Our first entry is from a lady with a room that would be perfect for me, you , or well just about anyone who loves books!
Julie gives us a peek at At my Hearth: My Library posted at At my Hearth.
Our next entry is from a person with a mission!
100by25 presents About Me posted at 100K by 25.

Richard Lightstone,C.A.S. gives us “We have met the enemy and they is us” posted at An Angeleleno’s View of the World. Good reading!

And last but not least, Lauren Taylor shares Introducing TRA LA LA’s Resident Relationship/Wellness Writer, MS. ASHLEY TAYLOR! posted at Tra La La.

The official carnival for Nov6th is at Dave’s Not here, As always thanks to Ogre
for running the showcase!

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