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Nov 18 2006

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I slept yesterday afternoon and last night, I was feeling really sick to my stomach, (a bug I undoubtedly picked up from a doctor, or nurse or their office)

And laid down…thinking I’d read and distract myself, I feel asleep and as the phone only rang 22 times, I never really woke up!
I have become an expert at saying upon answering the phone, I’m trying to rest, it’s a guaranteed way to get people off the phone.. Really try it.. It works! So that was ok; I just rolled over and SLEPT!
TheMasterOfTheUniverse came home, called the pharmacy, which oked some pepto bismal, and blessed relief I was asleep again!

Some of you know I have been having sleep issues since the ICU experience, as in look at the clock, 5 to15 minutes have passed, when surely you know it must be time to get up.. But no the 5 to 15 minute segments repeat. Over and over, I think maybe we had a power failure, or the battery backup is shot, nope its segments of 5 to15 minutes.

So I was amazed to look at the clock at 5am when, BlackJackTheBlackLab said let me out or…So I did, (let him out that is) and curled back up in my warm snuggly bed, curled around TheMasterOfTheUniverse, who mumbled something about your chilly. Before his snoring resumed! Can you imagine my delight at all this sleep?!

Sleep can really be a blessing…I just wonder why I still feel tired?

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