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Nov 21 2006

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Support Our Heroes!

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As Thanksgiving approaches, I was thinking about “my” solders. The men and women I have have been so privileged to adopt, or to write weekly…I wonder if they are alive, if they are safe,how bad is the homesick feeling today.. will my package/ or letter make a difference..Are they needing something that I could provide?

These great Americans who serve us, deserve our honor and respect.
They deserve our support.

Today please remember our troops with a prayer for safety. And………
If you haven’t adopted a member of our military… here are a few sites that will be delighted to help you do so..

And if you’ve a mind just to pray.. here’s a spot that will
help direct your prayers!
Say a couple prayers today! Your heart will rejoice!

So today..pack a box or 5 and get them in the mail. Or
Send some cards and let a soldier know that they are appreciated and supported.
And say some prayers…

As long as their work isn’t done, ours isn’t done.
Support Our Heroes!
And remember to allow 20 days for your package to arrive..
12 for a letter..

Yes you do have to fill out the custom form..
and also do check the box that says..
give to company Chaplin if this soldier isn’t here…

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