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Nov 12 2006

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Attila The Hun

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In Ocala Regional ICU family is allowed to stay except for shift change which happens from 7-8 am and pm.

They were some wonderful nurses and respiratory people, and some not so great.
The day I was taken off the ventilator, my oxygen levels were not good, and by evening they were really bad. I was on a mask that wasn’t working to well for me.

I was told by AttilaTheHun the meanest nurse in the universe (there is always one right!)
That they were going to put me back on the ventilator, I refused, she told me I’d be dead in a hour, and I said well I will be dead in a hour then.
She called TMOTU and told him I was dying, he and Jesse set a land record for a return to the hosp at 2am.

The respiratory supervisor was in my room when TMOTU and the kid arrived, there was no way I was going back on the ventilator. I had to sign papers at that point, with someone from the legal department witnessing. I will point out I wasn’t probably fit to make that decision.
I was put on a by pap machine at 100% oxygen at 15 liters. My O2 stabilized simply by the grace of God.

AttilaTheHun came into my room and shut the monitors off, because she was annoyed with my lack of cooperation.…She told TMOTU he was going to have to leave because I was upset and needed to calm down, TMOTU had some words with Attila, and then with the director of nursing,she was removed from my room and I didn’t see her again while I was in ICU.

The lung specialist decided to do a bronchoscope and flush my lungs.
They couldn’t sedate me. So well if you ever have the opportunity to watch as someone fills your lungs with water and the vacuums them out. Pass on the opportunity.
Trust me. It is no fun.

Daily I got a bit stronger, the pneumonia started to clear, my lungs were draining
The collapsed portions were slowly starting to get air.

The team of physicians decided it was time to start on a heparin IV to break up the clots in my lungs…

More later….

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