Showcase: New Blog Carnival 89

Posted by pet | Carnivals | Monday 30 April 2007 5:02 pm

Can you say Eclectic?
Enjoy The Carnival!

Briana presents How to Manage Your Wardrobe posted at College Fashion .Net.

From fashion to photos…

Christopher Scholl presents ?We are all Hokies? A first-hand observation of a major national tragedy posted at Photographer’s

from photos to molecules..

Kara-Leah Masina presents Reaching for the light, molecule by molecule posted at K-L Masina.

From molecules to Digg..

Kurt Kohl gives us that which sucks..

That Magic!

Ryan presents > - Atashi no koto o omoidashite tte posted at

And Dance.. Salsa!

Lee Coppin presents Salsa weekend @ Pontins Blackpool posted at YouCanSalsa, saying, “Bill and Gaynor with some Salsa friends attended the 4th Club Cubana Salsa Weekend at Pontins in Blackpool. The weekend was packed with Salsa Classes for all levels with tuition from Salsa Teachers all the way from Cuba.”

Lee Coppin presents Red Nose day Club Candela Picks posted at YouCanSalsa, saying, “Raising money for charity always brings the best out of people well RED NOSE day did just that with Bill & Gaynore and their friends who dance La Rueda for over an hour and a half.”

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Eat Poisoned Pork ~ Your Government Says It’s Safe

Posted by pet | Poisoned Pet Food | Monday 30 April 2007 9:22 am

I have no idea if The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually believe the horse pucky nonsense they put out serious about their joint update.

Saying something is poisoned, but is only a small part of your diet so it is safe
infuriates me makes me wonder if they have been smoking some Asian weed.

I’d make a wild guess and bet they are not willing to eat any of the
Pork off these quarantined farms either. Although the rest of the poisoned pork already in the human food chain is safe, and does not need to be recalled. Heh.

If a food is known to be poisoned and therefore harmful, my best guess is, gee let me think. Don’t eat it. Ok, that was not rocket science, common sense perhaps or a desire to stay alive and healthy.

I think that the Chinese suppliers got a bit carried away when spiking the wheat and rice glutens and protein concentrates.

I strongly suspect it was not a matter of accumulated poison; rather it was a big dose that killed so many of our family pets. As one of the Chinese men said, they are pets; they don’t need that much protein.

None the less for the Government to say these pork products are safe is pretty darn scary.

What is safe?

I don’t know, but if anyone offers me a deal on pork… I’ll pass.

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