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Apr 20 2007

Stone Hawk

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I cannot imagine a situation where a parent or spouse or lover would feel more helpless, than to find that their loved one is an addict, or alcoholic.

The good news is that there is help.
Effective, life and mind changing help.
The program is at Stone Hawk Drug Treatment Center.
With a 76%+ success rate, it is the most successful drug treatment program in the country.

I’ll tell you what, if we had a kid with a problem, I’d look for this kind of program.
They don’t medicate people; they clean them up, inside their bodies, and also inside their minds.
Simply an awesome program! Do go check them out!

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Apr 20 2007

Hey Momma

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The phone rang last night….
My stepdaughter J said. Hey momma.
And I knew something was coming I wasn’t gonna like.
She then said, can I ask a REALLY, big favor?

I said well that depends.
Is this gonna make your Daddy, TheMasterOfTheUniverse mad?
Or make me crazy? Cause if the answers yes, then the answer is no.

She said no, well maybe, but see I found this Lab puppy, and she’s so hungry she’s trying to eat road kill, And momma I have 5 dogs, and I can’t bring her home with me.

I didn’t hang up the phone or cry. I took a deep breath
I said what about the humane society, or the Marion Co. shelter.
Well momma its 8 pm they’re closed.
Hummmmmm…I said I guess she can stay out in the yard tonight.

And you will get her in the morning, and find her owners, or the society gets her.
Do you understand me? Yes momma. J, I mean it. Yes momma.

Into the yard she drives, Smitch our grandson runs back and closes the gate.
TheMasterOfTheUniverse said bring her in let’s take a look.
I gave him a look that said, dog, can stay in fenced yard, which He said he didn’t notice.

3 Bengals are plotting to rid the universe of this lil girl puppy.
They are in full rebellion, and mad.

The puppy is lying under my feet right now.
She thinks it’s the safest place to be.
I think I’ll name her pretty girl.

Be sure to board the friday Ark, and The Bengals will be hosting
Weekend cat Blogging this weekend!
161st edition of the Carnival Of The Cats is coming to The Scratching Post

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Apr 20 2007

Photo Friday~Country

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