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Apr 02 2007

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Showcase Carnival Of New Blogs~85

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Please don’t hold me to a precise number.. but that’s pretty darn close..

As you know the showcase is an opportunity for new blogs of three months give or take..
a few have the opportunity to share in the dazzle of that crazy midway on a full moon night…Or bright sunny day… heck carnivals are always fun!

Our new friend Matt from The Pet Haven
proves there is still a bit of common sense left in this world with a delightful post about
handling a busy bundle of energy….

100 Words presents A Brush With Darkness (Part I) « The Centurion Diaries posted at The Centurion Diaries.Made me chuckle…then wonder .. why again?

Hellojed gives us
It’s Never Too Late an Irish novelist.

Josh Bickford presents What Possesses You? posted at Reach For Magnificence, saying, “Thanks!”

Tom Burke presents Rocksmith Tokyo « Tom Twerk posted at Tom Twerk, saying, “Sneaker and streetwear blog; the article is a quick overview of a brand I recently discovered (Rocksmith), highlighting some of my favorite pieces.”

Etale presents New Blog - About Etale posted at E-Tale.

Mike Thomas presents Brannigans Law: 01/26/07 posted at Brannigans Law, saying, “I’m new to the blogosphere and I thought trying something like this would be fun. This is one of the more ‘just for fun’ posts, and there will be more in that vein coming soon. I do trivia every tuesday that everyone is welcome to play too!”

admin presents Modes, Methods And Charecteristics Of Online Pharmacy posted at Blog. It is a really interesting look at the benefits online pharmacys have given to consumers.

Zechary gives usThink It Over … posted at Zechary White. He also shared this remark;Today we have higher buildings and wider highways, but shorter temperaments and narrower points of view; We spend more, but enjoy less; We have bigger houses, but smaller families; We have more compromises, but less time; We have more knowledge, but less judgment;

David shares Understanding Pot Odds posted at Poker Penguin. Which is concisely written, and since I’m not a poker player surprisingly easy to understand!

Matthew Paulson presents Why Should You Be “Getting Green”? posted at Getting Green, saying, “Information for people who want to be millionaires”

Meanwhile Kevin W presents Racism Persists in American Society posted at The Debate Team. Is out to start the next war of the states..with his post.

Warning if your a Christian and a Southerner you may want ToSpeakThoseWordsWeDontUse
(usually) on this blog… and TheRandomYak never does…

Thank you to all who participated, and remember basil from basils blog will be your host next week!
And please do link back to your host as well as to Blog Carnival

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