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Apr 12 2007

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Intentional Poisoning?

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Now, regulators with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are examining the possibility that melamine was intentionally mixed into the wheat gluten in China as a way to bolster the apparent protein content and to meet pet food requirements, according to a person briefed on the investigation.

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Apr 12 2007

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Nutro Products Added to Recall List

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“Pet owners are fed up with confusing information regarding the Menu Foods recall,” Dave Kravis, President and CEO of Nutro Products, stated in press release. “I had previously ordered a broader recall of affected products than what Menu Foods had suggested. Given this new information from Menu Foods, I have ordered all wet pet food products containing wheat gluten to be removed from store shelves. Our dry pet food is not made by Menu and remains unaffected by the recall.”

Kravis said his company has also suspended all shipments to retail stores of Nutro’s wet canned and pouch products that contain wheat gluten it’s able to confirm their safety. He asked customers with the following Nutro wet pet food products (which are made by Menu Foods and contain wheat gluten) regardless of “best by date,” to immediately stop feeding the products to their pets:

• All Cat Pouch Food Products;
• Listed Cat 3.0 oz can products;
• All Dog Pouch Food Products;
• Listed Dog 12.5 oz Canned Products

Kravis said Menu Foods’ recall does not include Nutro’s dry pet food. Nutro’s dry pet foods are not produced by that Canadian company and do not contain wheat gluten. Nutro’s dry pet foods, biscuits and treats, are not involved in the recall and remain safe for pets to eat, Kravis said.

Menu Foods, he added, only manufactures wet, canned and pouch products for Nutro.

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