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Apr 21 2007

Melamine is Poison

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It has become obvious that the human food supply is most definitely threatened is at risk because of melamine poisoning.

Melamine was the chemical added to boost protein levels in pet food, to artificially inflate the price American buyers paid the Chinese suppliers.

Wilbur-Ellis purchased 740,753 pounds of the rice protein concentrate from Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co. It shipped 341,716 pounds to five pet food manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, New York, and Utah. Only 3 of those suppliers have come forward.
They were: Natural balance, The Blue Buffalo Co. and Royal Canin. My question is who the other suppliers are, and why have they not disclosed information that consumers need to have?

Melamine has been found in rice gluten, as well as wheat gluten, it has also been found in feed in Africa in corn gluten. I wonder how long before we find other products poisoned.

Melamine has also now been found in pigs meant for human consumption at a 1500-animal facility in California. More than 100 hogs that ate contaminated food at a custom slaughterhouse in California’s Central Valley were sold to private individuals and to an unnamed licensed facility in Northern California during the past 2 1/2 weeks. People who bought pork from the American Hog Farm, a 1,500-animal facility in Ceres, Calif., between April 3 and April 18 are being advised not to eat the meat.

The Food and Drug Administration has opened a criminal investigation in the widening pet food contamination scandal, officials said yesterday, when it was confirmed that tainted pork might have been consumed by people.

As always, check the safe at the moment list.. at pet food Info, Updates and headlines, at pet connection, and
Howl911, and Itchmo seems to be quite on top of all this mess.

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Apr 21 2007

WCB 98~ Tub Edition

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Tigger is directing from the tub, where the water flows, and its nice and cool.

Tigger being the biggest and smartest and most beautiful of the Bengal Brats took charge today to organize this weeks edition of WCB.

SonnyBob and Sir Woody will be organizing tomorrows additions.
They are just resting today.

Joining us for Saturdays Hot Tub edition is taboo & whaleshaman
join us with Taboo from Jelly Pizza napping in the sun shine, no more tummy upsets were reported, so she is a happy girl!

Meggie the cat produced her beautiful babies, photos are up.. Thanks Megan!
Bad Kitty Cats have had some pretty stressful days, go send some kitty hugs, and scritches their way!

All the kitties from The House Of the Mostly Black catsSanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Pepi and Gree are doing the Happy Happier happiest kitty dance today, cause Grees bloodwork shows his kidneys are ok..
And cause they Loves their new food.. tastes like Chicken!

Kross-Eyed Kitty’s Mr. Mao, has a look of absolute disdain …or better with haughty contempt go see why!
It’s great, and maybe Mr Mao’s momma can get some rest…

What did you eat shares some powerful theories about sleep, or the lack thereof.. as well as some adorable photos ,Power To The Petals

masak-masak knows the difficulties of getting kitties to pose..She did a wonderful job with Mama Cat..
Tigger thinks its a good thing you kept her..

is having a Pink Auction for Lilly Lu this weekend to
help pay for her vet bills. Items include a keychain, cell phone
charm, bookmark, cat toy, cat blankie and a pink ponytail holder and
you can see them at
Pink Auction for Lilly Lu

Cheysuli has some awesome theme ideas… pretty dang funny…just for cats!

Kashim and Othello share 5 reasons.. and some lovely photos…send some extra scritches for Othello.. a bit of grumpy going on there…


kitikata-san has an announcement! Tennessee Kittens Are Here! Lookss like homes are being sought…Arent they cute?

Rosa’s Yummy Yums is sharing some photos of Maruschka looking rather cute and calm, and a video of her crying… awwww….

While waiting for the humns to return from church.. Tigger teaches the kittens how to play get the ball, and get the food from the toy box…

***Sunday Morning Updates****

SonnyBob and SirWoody are ready to make a splash with WBC 98~ Tub Edition.

Katie said Sorry, Puddy’s a little late (what else is new though!). I snapped
her half-roll on the garage floor and it’s a bit of a raunchy photo!
Viewer discretion is advised! hehe!

Dragonheart shares his contribution: a
Frootbat Friday photo

So Dang cute.. they all are .. I wanna go play..SirWoody lines up and …
*Baps* SonnyBob …..settle down.. This is a job ya gotta be serious..
As SonnyBob rubs his ears, he say’s I was serious.

bernie introduces his French Cat, Charlie
Charlie is 10 years old. Happy Birthday charlie!

SonnyBob say’s He doesnt look like 10, thats pretty old huh?
SirWoody say’s shuddup…

cuisineguylaine sent along some fluffy photos, SirWoody cant read french, but he thinks she’s beautiful! her name is maya, and the grey dude is Romain..

CatSynth Amar and Luna said we did some extra work to present
endangered wild cats for Earth Day. and ohboyhowdy did they do a good job!

Happy Tub Cat Weekend!

Tigger, SonnyBob and Sir Woody The Wise all thank you for making this a wonderful WCB

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