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Apr 16 2007

Bengals And Pills

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Last week SonnyBob went to the vet.
He like all sick children immediately perked up on arrival at vet’s office.
I sighed and sat down. SonnyBob Howled like only a Bengal can howl, refusing to sit.

Doc checked him out, offered to take him home, told him how handsome he is, how he would love it at her house. Etc, and generally coo-ed in His pointy ears,
So Doc, I asked whatdoyathink?
She gave me that evil glare and said, He’s got a cough..

Umm yeah is why he’s here, he’s been hacking like trying to get a hair ball up…
That’s why I brought him in. We discussed his bathroom habits, which are impeccable, and his eating habits, can you say chow hound?

She prescribed an antibiotic, and a scary looking stuff called laxatone, tuna
Flavored (her comment ~I so hope he likes it.)

Bleck. Bleck. Bleck.

If you have never tried to give a pill to a cat, this will not interest you.

After leaving the vet’s I attempted to give SonnyBob his medicine.
Not Happening.

Later that day, TheMasterOfTheUniverse opened the frig, grabbed some roast beef and SonnyBob ate it pill and all.
That was day1.
Day 2: thru day 6 no problems SonnyBob is an angel.

Day 7; TheMasterOfTheUniverse said you can give it to him; he’ll eat it right out of your hand. He didn’t. Not even close, well he did almost eat my hand.

After I got done washing and cleaning my injuries, with a couple of pressure pads, because I’m on blood thinners, I decided to be smart.
My friend Megan from Bad Kitty Cats.. (no they are not) said get some leather gloves so when they bite, you don’t bleed.

Then I was thinking we used pilling tubes with calves; surely they make them for cats?
Yep, but Im not driving 35 miles to get one.

This morning I had to take Sir Woody in because he has the same cough.
Doc, coo-ed, and cuddled him, glared at me and said he has a cough.

I said Doc. give it a rest, they love my house. They love Tigger, and being spoiled brats.
She prescribed antibiotic pills for Sir Woody along with another tube of laxatone.

If Tigger gets this, I’m moving to Doc’s house.
My friend The Random Yak, gives pills daily to one of his cats..
I don’t believe thats in my future.

TheMasterOfTheUniverse is in for a rude awakening today…

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Apr 16 2007

Yet Another Recall

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In our family there are approximately 24 animals, 12 cats, 4 horses, 8 dogs.
That would be a combination of the kids and ours. We love them as members of our family. They are family.

So watching the smarmy looks on Duane Ekedahl face as he played Cover his ass CYA, Frankly was past appalling, Spocko’s Brain has the video…

We are fortunate enough to have not lost a beloved member of our family, to this
deliberately poisoned food tainted food.

I was talking to a local shelter volunteer yesterday after church, who mentioned that she has great concern over safe dry foods. We all share that concern.
It’s readily apparent that what was safe last week is reported as tainted this week.

Itchmo reported last night that Natural Balance had recalled its

Venison and Brown Rice Dry Dog Formula
Venison and Green Pea Dry Dog Formula

Not because of wheat gluten, but because of “customers indicating gastric upset after eating this formula.” Can you say what part of stupid is that? Heh.

I remember that at first they said something about them making the food themselves and then having it trucked to Diamond and them bagging the food, but not making the food.
I cannot recall the source of that however. It’s enough that I now have added them too my I don’t trust list.

We are feeding thanks to my furry friend TheRandomYak, Diet prescription diet – CD
Which all 3 of the Bengal brats seem to like (a minor miracle).

Yes I am aware that Prescription Dietâ„¢ m/dâ„¢ Feline dry food is on the
Recall list. Different plant, no worries (I sincerely hope!).

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