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May 30 2007

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Showcase: New Blog Carnival 93

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It came to my attention that the Showcase did not get posted this week, usually I would have realized this and posted it earlier..
My apologies…
next week’s Showcase of new Blogs will be visiting The Random Yak!

Welcome to the May 28, 2007 edition of new blog showcase.

Rickey Henderson presents A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Stadium… posted at >Riding with Rickey.

Anna Farmery presents Why I love podcasting part 2: podcasts are sales tools posted at href="">Women in Podcasting.

Krystian presents How to get a mobile phone in Britain and Prada phone review by me posted at href="">Krystians life in Britain.

Thomas Holl presents The Humble MXML posted at >Thomas Holl.

Riversider presents Spring Days on the Riverbank posted at Ribble Cycle Diaries.

Jami L West presents >The Camino Real/King?s Highway/Old San Antonio Road. Introduction to series posted at Going to San Antonio, saying, “Thank you for hosting!”

Anna - On The Ponderosa presents THE BLAME GAME - EVERYBODY LOSES « On The Ponderosa posted at href="">On The Ponderosa.

:: Suzanne :: presents musings on encouragement vs support posted at :: adventures in daily living ::.

Ryan Shamus presents Ryan Shamus dot Com » Blog Archive » Make Money With My Blog? posted at Ryan Shamus dot Com, saying, “Blog is less than 3 months old….but exploding!”

Conan Stevens presents Is HIV Truly the Cause of AIDS? posted at href="">Thinking About Life, saying, “Old website, new blog. Had the URL sitting around that I wasn’t using anymore so what to do? Another blog!”

Conan Stevens presents How To Pass An Acting Audition Or Movie Casting posted at >Actors And Acting Informational Blog.

Hugh Hollowell presents You have the power posted at A Politically Incorrect Entrepreneur.

Greg King presents A Nested Format for CSS Files posted at A Div Too Far.

blue skelton presents Suck a Duck posted at The Literary Junkie, saying, “My Thoughts On the NHL Playoffs in the West”

blue skelton presents Embarassing Moments posted at >Blue Skelton Publications, saying, “Bad Roomate, Bad.”

Ronald Beasley presents href=""
>Makers of Memories posted at What I Think, saying, “I’m truly new at this, so I just wrote some stuff to see how it looked. Check it out!”

edithyeung presents How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog - Part 1 posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Alwitt Xu presents 74 WordPress Themes Collection posted at Prosperity Achiever.

Anco presents Tipskey - Unlock Practicality No School Is Teaching posted at Tipskey - Unlock Practicality, saying, “A website that serves as a key to unlock practical tips the school does not teach for the things I have done or seen in life.”

John Cox presents Electability and Settling for Second Best posted at

zenofeller presents By reading this site you become better. Not necessarily in a socially desirable way. posted at

Rich Minx presents Money and Work Lessons via The Simpsons | Rich Minx posted at Rich Minx, saying, “We all love The Simpsons. What lessons about work and money can we learn from them?”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
new blog showcase
using our
>carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our

blog carnival index page

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May 29 2007

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AssHats Are Banned

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I have had some critics tear me apart for not sharing what’s going on in my life.
Well here is the reality.

My heart is badly damaged. I am on ace inhibitors and beta blockers. And the rest is not for sharing.
Some days I cannot leave my bed because I haven’t the breath to propel me.

I am so not whining. And you asshats that want to be mean.
Take it up with God. I don’t need your crap.

I am short with my dearest friends because while I love to gab, I can’t.
TheMasterOfTheUniverse made a 3 minute rule for the phone.
It works. I do use a fudge factor sometimes.
I pay for it, my choice.

Mornings I have more energy, I play with da Bengal Brats…

Walk the gardens with my camera
And grin at how sweet life is.

Afternoons… I usually sleep, I get tired easily, and frankly I don’t cope well
With yawl who know what’s best for me. So shut your mouths ok
So just pray for us.

We have good Doctors and I plan to be here as long as the Lord allows..

A new rule on my blog…
If you’re mean, you’re banned.
I’m very serious.. I haven’t the energy or the time to waste on you.

I don’t need any of your crap.. So go away..

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May 29 2007

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Tummies are The Bengal Brats

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tiggers tummy

SonnyBob on TMOTU lap

SirWoody and SonnyBob

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