July 25, 2006

Welcome Barry

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You know it’s the little things in life..
My friend Suzie from Assorted Babble is much more focused than I am..
She actually pays attention to people..and things..

When Suzie announces a new member in the Family of God
Its time to pay attention..

I would like to welcome Barry “iPod” Johnson from the royal flush
to our Royal family of God!

John 13:34
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

It’s Dancing time …

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Ya dang catfish whoa!

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Ya dang catfish whoa!

poor basil who will forever be uncapitalized has been asked
to cease and desist.
or in cowboy terms..
I said whoa!

So Pet being the kind Lady she is..
Is not gonna flood this email box..
But dang…….

“However, in fairness, there are many “contestants” who do not have computers… or friends for that matter.
The purpose of the contest when I drew it up was to see who could persuade us the most by simply using the entry form available at Golden Park.
I should mention the mail has already left………

And I think that fuzzy Yak is to blame…

I have to weed the gardens for a few hours to get some self control back………..

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Catfish is basil

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basil, you know who basil is..
well here ya go …………
“The Columbus Catfish are giving fans a chance to win their very own promotional night. August 25th has been deemed “Insert Your Name Here” Night. Fans can win the honor by explaining, in 100 words or less, why they deserve to have a night dedicated in their honor.

The evening will be dedicated specifically to the winner and feature many prizes and special perks. The winner will be presented with their own personalized Catfish batting practice jersey and Catfish cap. The winner will also get the chance to select the music played between innings, be a part of the on-field entertainment, be a guest groundskeeper during the infield drag and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Entry forms are available in Catfish souvenir programs and in the souvenir store. Entries will be accepted through August 13th.”

Now we have printed the form, after filling it in.. duh! which will go out in today’s mail….
and we have sent email.. which we may just repeat periodically thru the day, to help basil’s cause…

Lyn Perry and you know where this is going..
The Random Yak are big supporters of basil, having lived thru the Interview’s..unscathed..
Our Interview is coming up , August 13th, questions close August 6th..

Hint: this was a reminder!

Does anyone know why basil isn’t Basil?
HT to The RandomYak

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Superior Life Forms

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Tigger and Pet were identified as spammers as persona’s non gratis at the Yaks side of the mountain by a spam program.
Now being friends of the shaggy quadrupedal blogger, we know this wasn’t on purpose,
non the less, We take mileage where we can..

While ITYak has been working diligently to correct this, Tigger fretted..

OBVIOUSMAN provided the solution for the feline life forms.

Tigger has quit snapping and biting well almost..

Tigger like Ferdinand believes that felines are obviously a superior life form,
Which is why Tigger is now allowed to comment,
While doing the happy Bengal dance on the Yaks side of the mountain.

Pet is still identified as a spammer.. Sigh…

Tigger reminds you to Vote for Tigger at Pet’s garden!


The Critter war saga continues with Tigger determined to teach
BlackJackTheBlackLab some manners..

Critter wars

Also Tigger is maybe just a bit on the cranky side..
Having been banned from the polling area..
Tigger wonder’s how BlackJackTheBlackLab can just grin and act so innocent…


Course I’m simply speculating..

Lyn Perry is working his brains to mush to get all the voting polls open..
Our furry friend The Random Yak will post as soon as the polls open on his side of the mountain..

Go visit, and vote!

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July 24, 2006

Polls Are Open!

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Nominations are now closed.
Drum roll in the distance…………..

Voting has begun.>

Voting in each category occurs July 24 through 27 at various blogs.

Winners & awards will be announced by Lyn Perry at Bloggin’Outloud
on Friday, July 28th.

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